Children's Cotton Pajamas Set Homewear

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Small lapel design

Soft watermark

Eco-friendly and odorless

What are the advantages of double gauze?

Advantage 1: selected cotton material production, cotton gauze has a good softness, has a good role in the cold; good water absorption can avoid the skin because of moisture and trigger itchy allergies, at the same time, breathability is particularly good.

Advantage two:Cotton gauze material bedding is green, pollution-free, the product surface does not pilling, soft and smooth, does not harm the skin. Double gauze on the texture of the ten general are relatively simple.

Advantage three: double gauze fabrics are generally used in infant level products, its good skin contact feeling, is the second choice for allergic skin, but also to protect the skin to experience the comfort of the second choice.

Style: Peter Rabbit
Size: 90

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